Somerset College Preparatory Academy Student Government Association (SGA)

RATED SCHOOL :   2015-16 "B"   2016-17 "A"   2017-18 "A"   2018-19 "A"   2020-21 "A"   2021-22 "A"

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Student Government Association

Our Sponsors

Ms. Alves

Ms. James

Our Meetings

SGA regularly holds meetings after school each Wednesday in rooom 173, except for when there is no school or the meeting is otherwise canceled. Members will be notified of cancelations or modifications via one of SGA's communication channels.


We encourage students who are interested in SGA to apply for a position and become involved.

The applicant is responsible for sending the teacher recommendation to two teachers for a complete application. Copy the link for the teacher recommendation and email it to your teachers of choice. Be proactive and ask the teacher for permission before sending them the link.

Either of the sponsors cannot and will not complete a teacher recommendation form for any student as this is conflict of interest.



Executive Board

  • President: Aidan Lawrence 
  • Vice President: Keely Moody
  • Kaylani Arnold: Secretary
  • Alexander Jaffe: Treasurer
  • Lily Hamel: Senior Representative

Junior Representatives

  • Jordan Dooling
  • Kenji Rodriguez
  • Mackenzie Wilkins
  • Nahima Fanfan
  • Richardson Barthelemy

Sophomore Representatives

  • Isabella Herrick
  • Kendall Coberly
  • Luna Romero
  • Tori Huckstep
  • Victoria Zaravelis

Freshman Representatives

  • Carly Springer
  • Denarius Leslie
  • Miah Osceola
  • Maximus Dill

Middle School Representatives

  • 8th Grade: Katherine Campos
  • 7th Grade: Angel Campos
  • 6th Grade: Samuel Campos

House Prefects

  • 🔱 Poseidon Prefect🔱 Alex Akelaitis
  • ⚡Zeus Prefect⚡ Catcher Lingen
  • ⚔️Ares Prefect⚔️ Kaylee Martinez
  • 🦉Athena Prefect🦉 Luke Whittredge
  • 🔥Hestia Prefect🔥Nang Mung

Special Positions

  • Emily Wittry: Parlimentarian ⚖️
  • Marcus Jackson: Historian 📷
  • Larry Rowe: Technology Coordinator 💻
  • Alex Hoffman: Graphic Designer 🎨


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